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About this site

This site is on behalf of the Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation (PBHF) to record UK bred and/or UK resident Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs who have fitted, whether or not a full and exhaustive veterinary diagnosis has taken place.  Further scientific investigation is ongoing for this condition.

It would be a great help, to the ongoing epilepsy research project, if you are able to send DNA samples from your dog(s) whether or not you send details for inclusion in this list. Contact Hilary Kerr (PBHF Secretary) in confidence for your swabs. Click here to email Hilary

The database is now available to download in xls, xlsx and pdf formats. If you need the database in a different format please let us know and we'll do our best.
Information in this database is received in good faith. If the are any errors, omissions or you cannot open the file, please let us know immediately.

UKBC Fitting database 19.09.14.xlsx UKBC Fitting database 19.09.14.xlsx
Size : 124.672 Kb
Type : xlsx
UKBC Fitting database 19.09.14.xls UKBC Fitting database 19.09.14.xls
Size : 237.5 Kb
Type : xls
UKBC Fitting database 19.09.14.pdf UKBC Fitting database 19.09.14.pdf
Size : 611.93 Kb
Type : pdf
Update 19.09.14. Changes appear on page 22.


The aim of this database is to allow the submission of information on Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs - past and present - who have fitted. Information received via our Submission Form will, once verified, be published at the earliest opportunity.

Also to provide links to other useful sources of information which may help those dogs affected by fits.

Fitting Databases

The Border Collie Club Czech Republic have published their database:

Links to similar databases will be published here as we receive them.

Other Links

The Current Research page on the main PBHF website has links to the Finnish Questionnaire and information on sending blood samples to Canine Genetics Group at Biomedicum Helsinki.

The Royal Vet College in London are doing a study on epilepsy and food.


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